The growing importance of supporting local candidates.

The road back to a free and just country begins at the local level and supporting local candidates.  With the Presidential and Congressional elections and their blitzkrieg of advertising it’s easy to neglect the other elections that affect us and our daily lives directly – your local town council, your school board and even state legislative positions.

Because the Liberty Amendment is seeking ratification by appealing to each States’ legislatures it is even more important that we support candidates that truly put the Constitution and Liberty first.  This a non-partisan movement, and supporting Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green Party, Tea Party or any other affiliation that embrace the core issues the Liberty Amendment should be our first priority.  If Liberty and Prosperity are restored; if taking power from special interests and returning it to the States is successful we suspect that labels will be less important.  With our eye on the the bigger prize – a return to a federal Constitutional Republic with the liberty and freedoms our Founding Fathers intended – our differences will be easier to work out and the greatly reduced power of the Federal Government will be less appealing to corrupt.

With this in mind, we are on the look out for Liberty-minded candidates at all levels and in every State in the Union.  We will support their efforts for election or reelection and hope they in turn will support the Liberty Amendment in their respective States.

For our Washington State Friends in Liberty, we are proud to support Travis Couture of Belfair, Washington as he prepares to run for State Senate in 2014.  Travis has the common sense view of the issues that will make him a superb public servant and a focus on Liberty that will benefit Washington State for years to come.  If you are a Washington State resident, please check out his web site at and consider offering him your support.